How To Speak Like A Native Speaker

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Are you a good English reader, but not a GREAT English speaker? Do you feel that textbook English is not teaching you the REAL English you need? Is it difficult for you to understand native speakers’ conversations? Have you already improved your English, and are you ready to go to a whole new level?

Have you noticed that native speakers rarely use the formal English you learned in school? Why not? Because you learned formal English in school, but most native speakers use casual Conversational English when they speak to each other.

Now I can really speak English!
“I followed your advice. I used the lessons exactly as you said. I downloaded the lessons and listened to them everyday. I used your schedule. Now I can really speak English! I’m so excited. Thanks for helping me finally speak English!”
Mercedes Pintado


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Meet Your New Teachers

Hi! Learn Real English was started by A.J. Hoge, Kristin Dodds, and Joe Weiss to help you speak to, and understand, native speakers.

Several years ago, we noticed a problem. Many English students came to America and had very painful experiences. These students knew a lot of grammar. They knew a lot of vocabulary. Some could even speak and understand FORMAL English quite well. They arrived in America feeling very confident.

Then they went on the street… and they were shocked! They could not understand what people said. Every week, a new student came to us and said, “I can understand CNN and the BBC, but I can’t understand what real people are saying at business meetings, at the bus stop, in the store, or at parties.” These students were always quite worried and upset.

We became worried too. So we began to look at the problem. We knew we needed to find the cause of this problem– and then solve it.

After many months of searching, we found the cause and the answer. The cause was simple– real English speakers use a lot of idioms and slang. Real people do not speak like TV announcers. They do not speak like actors. Real people use “street English” and that kind of English is filled with casual idioms, slang, and pronunciation.

Once we discovered the cause of the problem, we worked hard to create a solution… and finally we did! We decided to record REAL conversations between native speakers. No actors. No announcers. No reading. Just real people having real, spontaneous, totally natural conversations.

After recording these conversations, we created text for all of them– because we knew that if you could read the text, you would understand the conversations more easily.

Then we identified all of the difficult idioms, slang, and other special parts of casual, real English conversations. We created vocabulary lessons to help you understand ALL of these phrases– because most of them CANNOT BE FOUND IN A DICTIONARY!

After that, we decided to use the incredibly powerful Effortless English System to teach these phrases (idioms, slang, etc.) to you. Our goal– after listening to all of the lessons you will understand 100% of the real recorded conversations.

After a lot of time and a lot of work, we finally created a complete lesson pack of Learn Real English lessons. Our students were so happy! They could finally learn to speak with REAL people in REAL situations!

We were happy too– because we are here to help and serve our students. That is our mission.

Now, we are happy to help and serve you.

Read the article below to learn more about these incredible Learn Real English lessons (and the powerful Effortless English System).

Now I Can Understand!
“I bought Learn Real English lessons 6 months ago. My main problem was understanding; so I didn’t speak because I wasn’t able to understand the responses.

At the beginning when I listened to the 1st lesson without reading the text I was unable to understand what they were talking about. Today with the 16th lesson (without reading the text even one time before) I happily notice that I can understand 70%!!!”

Michele Tripault, Paris, France

Old Learning Methods

Most English conversation programs don’t teach English conversation. The “conversations” in most books are fake- they are not real. Rather, these “conversations” are merely two actors reading a text.

That’s why textbook conversations are very different from real English conversations.

To understand native speakers, you must listen to real conversations– not fake textbook actors.

To speak easily to native speakers, you must use real conversations and lessons that help you understand them.

So how do you understand real conversations?

The secret is to use both real recorded conversations and the Effortless English system.

It Really Works!
“I can’t believe it. I just finished talking to an American guy for 2 hours. Two hours without worrying or translating. It was so easy. Thank you so much. The system really works.”
Nid, Bangkok, Thailand

Your Success Is Here

You CAN speak REAL English to real native speakers. What is real English? It is the English that native speakers use in real conversations.

REAL English includes slang and idioms. REAL English includes real pronunciation used by real people– not the pronunciation you hear on CNN or the BBC.

REAL English comes from real conversations.

Close your eyes. Now see yourself speaking excellent REAL English. Imagine yourself talking to native speakers.

Imagine understanding their slang, their idioms, their fast speech.

Imagine speaking fast. Imagine using slang and idioms correctly. Imagine speaking with excellent pronunciation.

It is possible in only 6 months!

There is a better way. An easier way to succeed. Change your learning method to change your results.

Learn the better way to speak, hear, and understand real English easily and confidently.

I Passed My Job Interview!
“Thanks for your great method. Thanks to you, I passed my interview and now have a job with Emirates Airlines!”
Ploy, Bangkok, Thailand

Why We Can Help

Before we go any further, let us tell you how we can help.

We are three English teachers with over 25 years of combined teaching experience. We all have Masters degrees and are highly trained English professionals.

Using the unique Effortless English system, we have taught thousands of adult English students around the world.

Our students succeed and they succeed fast!

We have helped thousands of students speak real English. That is why we know we will help you speak real English too.

I Love It!
“Effortless English is absolutely amazing! I can finally speak to native speakers. I understand them and they understand me. I’m so happy! …I was afraid to speak English, now I love it! Thanks!”
Juan Muñoz, Mexico

Child’s Play

Why is it that everyone tries to teach English to adults with books filled with grammar rules and endless vocabulary?

In all of the research, one piece of information stands out from the others: children learn to speak any language without textbooks, vocabulary lists, or grammar rules.

They all learn by conversation and very specific methods.

Children have always been the best English learners for that reason. This entire program is taught with REAL English conversations.

That includes many of the slang and idioms used by native English speakers.

We call the specific “rules” of our method “The 7 Rules of Effortless English”. You have probably already read them in our email course.

When taught correctly, English grammar is easy. But the correct way is not by studying grammar books. Grammar can be easy and effortless but you must learn like children do.

“If you want to become like a native speaker, you don’t need to learn when you are a child. You need to use the same methods as a child.”
Dr. J. Marvin Brown

Learn Real English

Now that you know who we are and how we created our lessons, you need to know how you will learn from them.

What you will learn:

A Huge Number Of Common Idioms- The slang you can’t find in a dictionary or textbook.

How To Automatically Speak Like A Native Speaker- Without thinking or translating.

How To Use Our Deep Learning MethodYou naturally learn English words and grammar forever so you are confident about your speaking.

How To Understand Real English ConversationsYou listen to REAL conversations between real people. No actors. We teach you the real, casual conversation that native English speakers use everyday with each other. This is not formal English. This is the real English that real people use.

The Main Method of our System – Throughout all the lessons you will learn grammar and vocabulary just like children do – naturally and without studying.

How To Study Like the Best – We show you how our best students have learned and studied so that you can copy those habits to create your success even faster.

How to Raise Your iBT TOEFL Scores – The new TOEFL requires a lot of both listening and speaking skills. Confidently raise your TOEFL speaking score by 20%, 30%, or up to 40%.

How to Learn English 3-5 Times Faster – Simply by changing HOW you learn, our lessons will have you speaking quickly in much less time than before.

How to Meet Others Just Like You – We also show you how to meet and speak with other English learners just like you.

Actual Students

Listen to what our students have to say and how our lessons have helped them:

I’m Learning Fast!
“Thanks so much. Before joining, my English speaking was terrible. I was embarrassed. I didn’t think I could ever speak English well. Now I’m learning fast. I feel relaxed when I speak and I love speaking English.”
Atsuko Imai, Hiroshima, Japan

I Now Can Speak With Native Speakers!
“I live in Mexico City. I want to thank you… Last week I was in Cleveland, USA. I was talking with real native speakers! My experience with the English language was really good– I really could express many emotions and ideas.”
José Antonio Abraján Pérez, Mexico City, Mexico

Excellent Teaching
“Your teaching is excellent! I’m very grateful… When I started, my speaking was not good. Now I speak English fluently. I never translate. I speak automatically, just like you said I would!”
Alain Andrade, France

Best Method For Learning English
“I am really glad and thankful to you for making me understand the best method to learn English. I have been following your methods and it is working well.”
See Tharam

Take the Program With You

No matter how busy you are, this program can go with you.

All files are instantly downloaded in MP3 format. That means you put them on an iPod or MP3 Player and take them with you. Or you can listen to them directly on your computer.

Any time, day or night, they are right there for you.

Put them on your iPod, your cell phone, or any other device. Listen to your lessons at the gym, on the bus, driving to work, at the store, cooking, or anywhere else you want to take them.

Anytime and anywhere, your lessons are waiting for you.

Each audio file has everything you need to learn REAL English conversation. And you can start your lessons immediately.

No waiting! You immediately get a link emailed to you- so you can download the whole program immediately.

The Lessons

Each mp3 audio English lesson set features:

Vocabulary Lessons
The best way to learn vocabulary is by listening to it. Audio lessons are 2-3X more effective than reading
vocabulary lessons. No more lists to memorize.

Listen & Answer Mini Stories
These are absolutely amazing lessons. They are powerful! By listening to mini-stories everyday, you will hear real English spoken and used naturally. And with this new type of lesson, you will learn how to speak and understand English easily and quickly.

Real English Conversations.
Forget the same old boring lessons. These are REAL conversations by real native speakers. No actors. No reading. Real topics. Real slang and idioms. Real pronunciation. These are the key to your speaking. These are the key to understanding real native speakers.

1st BONUS – Point of View Lessons

By purchasing now, you will also get our powerful Point Of View Lessons. Point of View Lessons are the key to becoming an outstanding English grammar expert- effortlessly. What if you could learn English grammar exactly like an American child- naturally, easily, intuitively? That’s exactly how you learn with our Point of View Stories.

2nd BONUS – Free Text For Everything

Right now as a limited time online bonus, we will also give you FREE text versions of the English learning lessons when you buy the program.

These are text versions of the exact same audio articles in the main program. Now you will be able to follow along or go back and read the articles out loud so that you understand the lessons completely.

Many of the text guides also have word and slang lists. No more wasted time going back and forth to your dictionary. The meanings are together, easy to find.

3rd BONUS – Only For Our Online Customers

We also have an exclusive bonus for our online customers. You get access to the Effortless English Learning Forum when you buy the program.

Here you will meet other English learners from around the world.

This is a group of people just like you. They will answer your questions. They will help you. They will offer you support, share success stories, encourage you, and sometimes just be there when you need someone.

This is lifetime access. Make and keep good friends and get great advice from our Master Members.

You will get immediate access to the Member Forum as soon as you buy the lessons.

I Am Going To Recommend It To Others
“Your program is an excellent one. I had a huge problem with my English communication. Then recently I found Learn Real English from a Google search. After two weeks of learning with the program I found it is working incredibly. Thanks for your program. I am going to recommend it to others I know.”
Jung Kim, Seoul, Korea

Great Offer That Won’t Last Long

You have spent years with other programs that didn’t help you speak REAL English fast.

You may have taken classes. But you soon realized that they cost about $400 per month and are only a few hours each week. You even have to follow their schedule. That is $4800 for one year!

You have already spent more than that on other programs, books, and/or tutors.

Our lessons are nowhere near that price. Actually, you can get our guaranteed program for less than it would cost for 1 month of school. That’s right! For $297, this system can be yours. There are no more dues, fees, or extra charges. Just a one-time purchase price of $297.

You know what? We’re going to make this even easier for you.

For right now, we’re going to offer this entire package for only $97 !

That is now less than 1 week in an English learning class. Plus, you learn anytime and anywhere you want. Forget night classes or long weekends in a classroom.

You must act fast! We have no problem getting the full $297, so we won’t keep this discounted price for long. Now is the time to speak REAL English.

This is the exact same package that we sell for $297. But right now you can get it for only $97!

Already Improving!
“I downloaded the lessons this week and they are great! I started with the first set and already my English is improving. What a great surprise! I can’t wait to continue. I will tell all of my friends about Effortless English. Thanks!”
Paula Silva, Brazil

Limited Time Low Discount Price Today!!

I want to order this amazing package right now, and take advantage of the limited time discount.

I understand that if at any time I am not satisfied with my new purchase, I can request a full refund at any time within 6 months, and it will be provided as soon as possible.

To order, simply click the button below to be taken to our secure order page:

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RETAIL PRICE – $297.00

If, for any reason, you have questions, please submit a Support Ticket and we’ll be happy to help you.

An Amazing Guarantee!!!

By getting Learn Real English, we know you will learn how to speak REAL English better within 6 months. In fact, we guarantee it.

Actually, we double guarantee it!

You will never find a guarantee from a textbook or classroom. If you don’t learn, you lose both your time and money.

Not here. If you use these lessons daily for 6 months and do not speak better English, we will send you back 2X your cost.

We couldn’t and wouldn’t do this if we weren’t sure that you will be successful and proud.

Once More…

Here is a quick summary of what you get in the Learn Real English package:

The Learn Real English Digital Course
It is immediately downloaded and teaches you how to speak English by using REAL conversations. It comes in MP3 format and can be transferred to any audio player.

You can learn anytime and from anywhere. Only the best information was used to make this course. You will easily learn just as children do.

The Bonus Point Of View Lessons
An amazing way to learn grammar without studying rules!

The Bonus Text
A text version of all audio for easy reference and additional study. Complete with word and slang guides to help you learn faster.

The Bonus Effortless English Learning Forum Access
Never be alone when you have instant access to our forum. Get advice, support, or have questions answered. Lifetime membership means will always be a part of this community.

Double Your Money Back Guarantee
You have nothing to lose. Simply use the lessons for 6 months. If you are not speaking better English, we will return 2x your cost for the course.

All for $97 for a very short time!

Enjoy Your English Learning,

Kristin Dodds, Joe Weiss, A.J. Hoge

P.S. Remember all of this is only available for a limited time. We will return to the everyday price of $297. Don’t wait any longer. Get started right away for $97.

Fantastic English speaking is waiting for you…..

One click and you will speak better English fast!

I Feel Confident When I Speak!
“I studied English at a university for 4 years but I still could not speak with native English speakers. I have now studied the Learn Real English lessons for four months and for the first time I now feel confident when I speak English. AJ, Kristin, Joe: I cannot find words to thank you enough.”
Mohammed Ansar, Dubai United Arab Emirates

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